We're taking into consideration constructing a ~ 16TB storage web server. Presently, we're taking into consideration both ZFS and also XFS as filesystem. What are the benefits, negative aspects? What do we need to seek? Exists a 3rd, much better alternative?

2019-05-04 12:29:51
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ZFS is definitely impressive. I am utilizing it as my residence documents server for a 5 x 1 TB HD documents server, and also am additionally utilizing it in manufacturing with virtually 32 TB of hard drive room. It is quickly, very easy to make use of and also has several of the most effective defense versus information corruption.

We are making use of OpenSolaris on this server specifically due to the fact that we intended to have accessibility to more recent attributes and also due to the fact that it gave the new package management system and also means of updating.

2019-05-17 02:08:44

ZFS will certainly offer you benefits past software program RAID. The command framework is really attentively outlined, and also instinctive. It is additionally obtained compression, photos, cloning, filesystem send/receive, and also cache tools (those expensive new SSD drives) to quicken indexing meta - information.


#zfs set compression=on filesystem/home

It sustains straightforward to create duplicate - on - write photos that can be real-time - placed:

# zfs snapshot filesystem/home/[email protected]
# cd filesystem/home/user/.zfs/snapshot/tuesday

Filesystem cloning:

# zfs clone filesystem/home/[email protected] filesystem/home/user2

Filesystem send/receive:

# zfs send filesystem/home/[email protected] | ssh otherserver "zfs receive -v filesystem/home/user"

Incremental send/receive:

# zfs send -i filesystem/home/[email protected] | ssh otherserver "zfs receive -v filesystem/home/user"

Caching tools:

# zpool add filesystem cache ssddev

This is all simply the pointer of the iceberg, I would very advise obtaining your hands on an install of Open Solaris and also attempting this out.


Edit : This is older, Open Solaris has actually been stopped, the most effective means to make use of ZFS is possibly on Linux, or FreeBSD.

Complete disclosure : I made use of to be a Sun storage engineer, yet I have not benefited them in over a year, I'm simply delighted concerning this item.

2019-05-17 01:14:21

Rather than constructing your very own, a choice is the Sun 7410 also known as Toro. It has some really valuable software program that comes packed with the remedy.

2019-05-12 01:04:00

I've located XFS extra well matched to exceptionally huge filesystems with perhaps several huge documents. I've had an operating 3.6 TB XFS filesystem for over 2 years currently without troubles. Most definitely functions far better than ext3, etc at that dimension (specifically when managing several huge documents and also great deals of I/O).

What you get with ZFS is tool merging, striping and also various other innovative attributes constructed right into the filesystem itself. I can not talk with specifics (I'll allow others comment), yet from what I can inform, you would certainly intend to make use of Solaris to get one of the most profit below. It's additionally vague to me just how much ZFS aids if you're currently making use of equipment RAID (as I am).

2019-05-08 19:37:48

Which OS are you intending on running? Or is that an additional component of the factor to consider? If you're running Solaris, XFS isn't also an alternative regarding I recognize. If you're not running Solaris, just how are you intending on making use of ZFS? Assistance is restricted on various other systems.

If you're speaking about a Linux web server, I would certainly stick to Ext3 directly, so due to the fact that it obtains one of the most quantity of screening. zfs - fuse is still really young. Additionally, I had problems with XFS as soon as, when a bug created information corruption after a bit upgrade. The benefits of XFS over Ext3 most definitely really did not surpass the prices associated with recovering the equipment, which lay in a remote datacenter.

2019-05-08 19:31:09