In Borderlands, what happens if my personality is previous degree 50 and afterwards I play without the DLC mounted?

In Borderlands, claim I have fun with the Secret Armory DLC mounted and also rate up previous degree 50. After that, I relocate my video game conserve to an additional Xbox 360 that does not have the DLC, check in with the very same gamertag, and also attempt to load the conserve.

Thinking I last conserved in a location generally video game and also not one of the DLC degrees, and also have the most up to date title upgrade mounted. What takes place? Does it stop me from playing, lower me to degree 50, or permit me to proceed generally video game at, claim, degree 55 without the DLC any longer?

2019-05-04 12:33:49
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I can not claim without a doubt, yet I would certainly presume it will not permit you to play.

Personality details is more than likely saved in the video game conserve, which was possibly transformed in some way by the DLC, so I presume a video game without the DLC will not have the ability to read it effectively.

I would certainly examine it for an extra "main" solution, yet I do not possess the video game.

2019-05-09 09:31:52