just how can I deal with the (busted) symbols in the alert location upon login?

The symbols in the alert location are occasionally damaged upon login. This is constantly dealt with if I close the session and also login once more.

See in this screenshot, the common "power" switch is changed by a component of my customer name. The entire username needs to be "agustin".

The trouble is not simply aesthetic, if you click where the power switch need to be you get no capability. Surprisingly, if you click the various other switch, and also you relocate the arrow qith the arrowhead keys, you get the food selection.

I think this trouble is connected to the nvidia propietary vehicle drivers, yet I am not exactly sure. Any kind of suggestions? Any person had this trouble like me?


2019-05-04 12:36:59
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I simply located this http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/27

I included the repository with sudo add - proper - database ppa :ubuntu - x - swat/x - updates, upgraded capacity and afterwards obtained some new updates in upgrade supervisor, mostly concerning nvida and also the new vehicle driver.

This new vehicle driver addressed my troubles, I'm not exactly sure on just how secure or speculative these plans are, yet they appear respectable to me.

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2019-05-08 17:32:00


killall gnome-panel

The panel will certainly go away, yet do not worry ... it will certainly re-emerge in a couple of secs with all your symbols in position.

2019-05-08 03:30:22