Secret achievements in Monkey Island: SE

Does any person recognize what the secret achievements in Monkey Island: SE are, and also just how to get them? (I enjoy Monkey Island, and also was rather surprised to recently consider my achievements and also see that not just exist 4 I really did not get-- yet that they're secret, so I do not recognize just how to get them!)

2019-05-04 12:54:19
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I assume "Marooned Everyone" needs you to play via two times, as soon as sinking the watercraft with the rock shooter, and also as soon as without.

2019-12-01 19:05:54

All achievements are Secret Achievements in The Secret of Monkey Island : Special Edition, so below is the checklist of all Achievements and also their summaries. (source)

  • The Three Trials
    Completed Part One : The Three Trials. Guybrush confirmed himself worthwhile to be a pirate.

  • The Journey
    Complete Part Two : The Journey. Guybrush made use of a voodoo spell to take a trip to Monkey Island ™

  • Under Monkey Island
    Completed Part Three : Under Monkey Island. Guybrush taken a trip right into the Monkey Head and also obtained the origin.

  • Guybrush Kicks Butt
    Completed Last Part : Guybrush Kicks Butt. Guybrush quit LeChuck from weding Elaine Marley.

  • Sharp Tongue
    Guybrush found out every one of the disrespects, and also is the wittiest/deadliest pirate what ever before turned a sword.

  • 10 Minutes Later ...
    Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 mins, yet none longer than that.

  • Escaper
    Escaped from the ape island cannibals hut 5 times.

  • RecordKeeper
    Collected every one of the notes and also memoranda sent out in between Herman Toothrot, LeChuck and also the Cannibals.

  • Human Cannonball
    Finished the whole video game in document time. We wish you were putting on a headgear!

  • Old-fashioned
    Experienced the initial, timeless journey video game, as it remained in the very early 90s.

  • Established
    Completed the video game without making use of any kind of tips.

  • Marooned Everyone
    Re-marooned Herman Toothrot and also marooned Carla, Otis and also Meathook on Monkey Island ™.

2019-05-08 01:13:25