Why does connecting in a monitor boost AA performance?

When I play Modern Warfare 2 making use of anti-aliasing on my Macbook Pro and also no monitor, the video game delays way too much to play.

Yet lo and also look at: When I connect in a monitor to my Macbook Pro and also activate AA and also place all appearances to high, the video game runs simply great.

Why is this? why does connecting in a monitor boost performance?


Without the monitor, I can run the video game at tool resolution, yet no VSync and also no AA (yet tool specular)

With the monitor, I can run the video game at highest possible resolution, no VSync, 2x AA and also tool specular unless there is lag.

2019-05-04 13:09:06
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Your display resolution is a massive consider the rate of games ; transforming the resolution down can cause substantially even more smooth gameplay, yet at a high price of image top quality.

If your exterior monitor is of a lower resolution than your Macbook Pro's constructed - in display, after that the video game is dipping into a lower resolution and also consequently will certainly run much faster.

I see nothing else factor an exterior monitor would certainly create games to run faster than the inner monitor.

2019-05-08 08:27:54

Recent MacBook Pros have 2 GPUs and also will certainly maintain among them powered - down till required (to conserve battery). It's most likely that connecting in a 2nd monitor is creating the still GPU to be powered up so you're improving providing efficiency therefore.

Attempt mounting gfxCardStatus to make sure that you can monitor what's happening with your GPU (s).

2019-05-08 06:05:32