Prevent my hosting server from adding a JavaScript snippet to my page?

My host includes JavaScript specifically instances. I intend to protect against that. Possibly through.htaccess?

The included code is the adhering to

So, also stopping their PHP from implementing would certainly serve.

2022-07-20 14:57:40
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I in fact addressed it by switching off any kind of PHP code after my coding in html to make sure that the server does not add any one of it on its own

2022-07-25 19:42:19

I saw a blog post concerning this on SO Webhoster inserts a javascript which brokes my code how to remove it?

The picked solution states:

They have a link in their cPanel where you can disable the analytics code.

Be cautious - by doing this you breach their plan and also they will at some point drop you from their solution and also you will certainly shed all your information.

Though that was back in 2010. They might have eliminated this alternative - it would certainly be best to simply get involved in call with them & see if it is feasible to remove it - or if it is an offense of their Ts&Cs.

2022-07-21 07:43:23