Just how can you forecast the quantity of cooling down required for a certain tool?

Every summer season we need to shut down some tools as a result of a mix of outdoors temperature level and also high load. The ac unit simply can not maintain. As we cycle in new tools and also cycle out old, it would certainly behave to recognize if we are making our air conditioning trouble far better or even worse. Also much better, I would certainly such as to have the ability to compute a harsh price quote of the quantity of cooling we'll require to sustain our tools at high load.

Exists any kind of general rule or estimation to establish just how much air conditioning ability will be called for?

2019-05-04 13:17:23
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This will certainly offer you a suggestion of at the very least what to seek when picking HVAC devices for server areas :


2019-05-08 01:52:50

Computer room/CRAC/HVAC air conditioning is commonly gauged in "bunches" (as an example, my firm's information facilities has 15, 20 and also 30 bunch cooling down devices relying on area layout). The basic general rule formula is :

12,000 BTUs per hr per 1 lots of cooling down

The variety of watts is created on the back of the power supply (and also in the web server's technological specifications). The formula to obtain from watts to BTUs is :

BTU/hr = W * 3.415

So, claim you have a 500 Watt PSU running at an approximated 80% ability. You would certainly require :

500 *.8 * 3.415/ 12,000 =.11 lots of air conditioning.

OK, so currently claim you have an information facility packed with 400 of the very same web servers making use of the very same PSUs :

400 * 500 *.8 * 3.415/ 12000 = 45 lots of air conditioning.

This is all rear of paper napkin, yet it's remarkably hard to get set regulations for this things. This is all "lots of cooling down", yet just how you have you equipments prepared influences this a whole lot also. Hot/Cold row layout aids a bunch. If you get actually strained, the unique closets that have duct in the front door and also a warmth vacuum cleaner in the back can actually pack even more warmth right into a location.

2019-05-08 01:02:48