Adjustment Default Config Settings for PHP?

When establishing php on a new Unix-based web server, exist any kind of default PHP setups that you will constantly transform? Any kind of that you will constantly take into consideration transforming based upon the certain setting?

2019-05-04 13:56:36
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Disabling magic quotes is just one of the first points that I do. It not does anything yet reason troubles and also present an incorrect complacency. I'm unaware to why its on by default.

2019-05-12 06:11:47

A default installment of PHP on a UNIX server virtually functions out of package. Much of the arrangement relies on your wanted use of the server.

Below's what I do :

  • Change upload_max_filesize from the default value (2M) to something greater.
  • Install and also enable the components that I make use of frequently :
    • php5-gd
    • php5-cli
    • php5-suhosin
    • php5-curl

But once more : a lot of the arrangement hinges on what you make use of the server for, that makes it tough to give a straightforward response to this inquiry.

2019-05-08 01:50:54

There isn't something that I constantly transform. In fact, there's hardly ever anything I transform, for any kind of offered installment .

If it's my very own for-development-and-play-server, I possibly max out the approvals to do anything, yet when releasing a web server for something details, I intend to have the PHP as rigorous as feasible, without influencing the capability of the manuscripts way too much.

2019-05-08 00:41:34