Boosting Windows installer in Vista

Panorama calls for raised civil liberties for installers which install drivers or various other system things. Pointsec has among these installers with the trouble that the installer itself does not demand altitude so the altitude have to be provided to it ahead of time.

When mounting this software program to numerous equipments disabling UAC, mounting the software program and afterwards re-enabling UAC is fairly laborious. A means which would certainly care for UAC would certainly be favored.

The installer is an MSI plan on a network share. The share additionally has the installment account which the installer is intended to locate and also make use of in the installment. This functions penalty without UAC yet we have actually not procured this keeping up UAC.

My major trouble is that when boosting the procedure, it appears to shed its functioning directory site. So while a faster way to msiexec with proper parameters and also the network share as the functioning directory site functions (ie. Begins yet mistakes as a result of no altitude) running this faster way 'as manager' whines on not locating the msi plan. Refine Monitor reveals msiexec searching for the plan from Windows \ System32. Defining the complete UNC course to the plan releases the installer yet it falls short to locate the account documents. So what is the proper means to boost a windows installer which does not demand altitude itself?

2019-05-04 14:18:58
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One strategy would certainly be to run a raised command punctual, transform the functioning directory site in there and afterwards run the installer from there. Anything released from a raised cmd.exe is itself raised.

2019-05-18 00:04:42

Basically you've obtained an inadequately made installer.

What you can attempt is establishing the ALLUSERS building in the building table to 1 (making use of Orca, seek Orca.msi in the Windows Installer SDK) which will certainly compel a per-machine installment.

In this instance the installer will certainly after that ask for altitude partway via the installment (this is how UAC + MSI is supposed to work) and also you need to be great.

2019-05-08 01:23:58

The blog post Why is my starting directory ignored when I elevate a command prompt? on Raymond Chen's blog site might matter below.

I additionally recognize that several of the altitude heuristics are really simplified, e.g. if the documents is called "arrangement" or "install" it will certainly ask for altitude. I can not locate my resource for this presently.

Not a very technological solution yet probably it will certainly serve.

2019-05-08 00:12:39