Emacs setting in zsh: M-b M-f and so on show unusual icons

I have actually set up zsh to make use of emacs setting. Yet keying Alt+f or Alt+b inserts unusual icons (accented letters and more), as opposed to walking around by word in the shell like it should. Given that I do not ever before intend to insert the "ae" icon right into a shell punctual, just how can I get zsh to act?

I had the very same trouble with bash, today that I'm in fact putting in the time to tailor-make zsh, I assumed I would certainly ask ...

AltGr+b and so on generates various unusual icons ...

I'm making use of Ubuntu 10.4

2019-05-04 14:26:17
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It's not zsh that's misbehaving, it's xterm. The factor it's being mischievous is an out-of-date setup that creates xterm to send personality number x +128 when you push Alt along with personality number x . The regular actions in a message terminal is to have Alt+ a send ESC a.

To inform xterm to leave 8-bit personalities alone, switch off the XTerm.VT100.eightBitInput source (regardless of the name, it does not influence what takes place when you enter an 8-bit personality ). You 'd generally do this by including the adhering to line to ~/.Xresources :

XTerm.VT100.eightBitInput:      false

~/.Xresources reads when you visit in the majority of unix circulations. To read it quickly, run the command

xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
2019-05-08 00:08:10