What is the approach for getting to the dining establishment beside deep space?

I simply can not appear to get to the dining establishment beside deep space in Dolphin Olympics 2. I've read a number of discussion forum blog posts individuals have actually made, and also I looked into this video (which was a little rough), yet there's still something I'm missing out on. I assume it's the tailslides/starslides that are the key part that I can not appear to solve.

What approach needs to I be adhering to, and also (if they are essential) just how should I be executing the tailslides and also starslides appropriately?

2019-05-04 14:43:33
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The factor is to leave and also re - enter the water at really superficial angles, it raises your rate at the greatest feasible velocity, repeat the standard dives till you have adequate rate to fly right out of the water, there is no actual approach past obtaining as much rate as you can and afterwards releasing on your own up. Maintain it, willpower is your best device!

2019-05-12 01:36:28