Panorama/ Windows Server 2003 Mapped Drive Logon Failure

I have a Windows Vista (Ultimate) equipment which attaches to a Windows Server 2003 equipment for simply one point: a mapped network drive.

There is a customer account on the Server equipment which specifically matches the customer name & password on the Vista equipment.

The trouble is ... when I attempt to connect (map) the network drive, a message shows up claiming the customer name or password was wrong! Given that it after that offers you the possibility to come back the customer name and also password, I come back the password (specifically the very same, once more) and also it functions and also the drive obtains mapped.

BUT ... the story enlarges! After a reboot (or, I intend, a log-off and also log-on), the network drive does not function any longer - double clicking it offers a brief hold-up, and afterwards a message claiming the drive can not be reconnected due to the fact that the account has actually been shut out. Indeed, examining the web server reveals the account shut out. An eye the occasion log reveals duplicated "void password" occasions prior to the account is at some point shut out.

The details occasions that are videotaped are:

  • A logon effort by MICROSOFT_AUTHENTICATION_PACKAGE_V1_0, which falls short with code 0xC0000234
  • A "logon failing" occasion which claims "unidentified customer name or negative password."
    • The customer name defined in case is the customer name I'm making use of
    • The "logon type" is "3"
    • The logon procedure is "NtLmSsp"
    • The verification plan is NTLM

Both equipments are making use of the very same LAN supervisor verification method (especially, "Send LM & NTLM, make use of NTLMv2 session protection if bargained") - set using protection plan.

The Vista equipment is not component of the domain name, yet the customer name and also password suit.

The Vista equipment made use of to function simply great, when it was an XP equipment. Yet after that, it obtained updated to Vista (not a tidy re-install, a real upgrade) and also this is what takes place currently.

For the life of me, I can not identify why it appears to be sending out the incorrect password, when I have actually examined & ascertained to see to it the password is specifically the very same. I've googled & googled and also located absolutely nothing valuable. I'm puzzled!

Does any person have any kind of suggestions regarding what could be taking place below - or suggestions for more repairing actions I can take?

UPGRADE: I've attempted mapping the drive using the command line and also the NET USE command - yet it regurgitates its hands too, with a "system mistake 86" which claims "the defined network password is not deal with." Your hunch is like my own regarding what's actually taking place below. I desire I can smell the real website traffic returning & forth in between the computer systems and also see what password (if any kind of!!) is being sent out ...

2019-05-04 14:46:01
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Have you attempted a various username and also password?

Can you additionally please blog post the protection log from the web server/ workstation. That would certainly aid in identifying the concern.

Additionally look into this blog post on these sort of mistakes :

http :// x - 04/trobleshoot - customer - account - lockout. html

2019-12-04 06:36:58

i have had comparable troubles. it appears to be connected to visiting to a various web server with a various password. as an example, i had a customer password for one share and also a various one for an additional - both with the very same login id. after i affixed both of the shares, it would certainly for life screw up logging right into among them. also after i no more made use of among them, the continuing to be one constantly motivated me to login. the remedy that appeared to repair it for me was :

  1. gotten rid of all network mapped drives
  2. i remapped every little thing on the command line : net usage z : \ myserver \ theshare/ relentless :of course

after doing that, the drive map functioned penalty. windows appears to be conserving verification for old shares and also obtains perplexed.

- wear

2019-05-10 19:29:27