Why computer system turn off when attaching USB exterior HDD?

A close friend of mine informed me that its COMPUTER endure weird actions, occasionally does not get to the Windows welcome screen, or it turn off instantly throughout it functioning or generate unusual graphics on its display.

The other day I obtained it and also the first point I attempt is attaching an exterior USB HDD. It turned off quickly. The very same does not take place as an example with a Wireless USB dongle.

The computer system is essentially 5 years of ages. My suggestion is that the PSU has glitch.

Do you recommend acquire a new one, or could be additionally the motherboard the trouble?

2019-05-03 19:11:51
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USB ports are intended to have existing limiters on them, yet several do not. So if you connect something because is drawing to much power, it can create your computer system to lock - up.

I've in fact have actually seen a USB adapter for an electronic camera that can conveniently be placed in backwards, which has actually created the computer system to quit working. The weird point is that the screen really did not transform at all. I think that the graphics card acquired it is power from the 12V rail.

2019-05-17 05:00:41

Sudden switch-offs are usually brought on by heats or damaged memory chips. Attempt the torment examination of Prime95 and also see what takes place to the core temperature levels with something like SpeedFan as a very first step.

2019-05-08 04:29:34

It appears to me like your PSU might be going. If your computer system places even more load on the PSU than it can manage it will certainly close itself off.

(This took place to me as soon as. I had a negative PSU, and also my computer system would certainly shut down when I attempted to publish or melt a DVD/CD. Obtaining a new PSU addressed my trouble. )

Buy an excellent one currently and also you can relocate right into future computer systems.

2019-05-07 18:23:05