Why does my hard disk drive accessibility slow-moving a lot after including a new drive?

Initially my system had 2 SATA hard disk drive - I included an added SATA hard disk drive to my system and also when accessing this disk it occasionally take around 50 times longer to access the drive. (Windows Explorer can take around 2 minutes to inhabit the standard directory site and also there is second best concerning the directory site)

This does not take place regularly, yet can not recognize a pattern presently.

Any kind of suggestions what I've done incorrect?

(Making Use Of Windows Vista Home Premium - COMPUTER is personalized made - this is simply on my growth COMPUTER. What various other valuable details can I offer?)

2019-05-04 15:02:40
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After checking all the wires, you can attempt to examine the drive with the committed software program from the manufacturer, like:

2019-05-09 01:00:21

You can examine if the BIOS setups are various for the disk you included. We have actually had troubles with slow-moving SATA disks as a result of the BIOS being readied to make use of a heritage setting.

2019-05-08 19:36:10