Just how can I (and also need to I) utilize my Linux file server as a Time Machine backup web server for my Macs?

I have 2 Macs that I would certainly such as to start backing up making use of Time Machine, yet every one of my storage space is affixed to my Linux file server.

Just how can I utilize my Linux file server (which takes place to be running Ubuntu Karmic) as a personalized Time Capsule substitute, and also have my Macs (running 10.6) instantly back up to it making use of Time Machine?

And also last but not least, is this sensible? Exists any kind of integral threat in doing this that endangers the entire factor of the backup?

2019-05-04 15:11:47
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Keep in mind that (afaik), TimeMachine relies upon directory site hardlinks .

2019-05-10 15:48:20

There are a couple of hack-ish alternatives around, see here, and also here.

Yet I absolutely would not do it. This is a hack, it's not sustained by apple in anyhow and also there is no warranty that the next OS X upgrade will not damage it and also if it does you're stuck to your back-ups in a network share that is virtually pointless then ; probably if you just require the first backup you'll manage, yet bear in mind that time equipment back-ups are step-by-step, you are likely not to be able to recover the most up to date variation of your information.

With some celebration $voodoo you could be able to draw it off (obtaining the first backup, considering time stamps, combining ...)

From my perspective you have 2 alternatives : you either stick to the apple sustained remedy, might that be neighborhood drives for time equipment or buying a time pill, or you locate an additional means to backup your 2 macs to your linux web server staying clear of time equipment entirely.

and also on that particular last note I recognize a great deal of individuals that advocate superduper, and also for years I've made use of iBackup which remains in fact a pietistic GUI for rsync which offers me some convenience.

2019-05-08 03:03:18

Totally in need of support -you obtained ta pay the Apple tax obligation or else- yet flawlessly practical :


2019-05-08 02:59:52