Does Facebook use any other CDN apart from Akamai? Encountered subdomain that does not belong to Akamai

I received a notice from my third-party firewall application (Little Snitch) that when I had Facebook open, my browser (Chrome 46.0.2490.80 on El Capitan 10.11.1) was attempting to connect to "" and "". Having never seen these particular variations on the fbcdn domain before despite daily use of Facebook and having used LS for a while, it was a little suspicious to me.

Looking up the IP addresses ( and respectively) point to Internode, an ISP located in Adelaide, Australia (I live in Australia, but not Adelaide) and AFAIK, Facebook does not use their CDN and I don't think Internode even provides such services.

But the domain is right? And if that's so, which is legit domain used by Facebook for content/cookies etc, even if the IP addresses don't resolve to Facebook or Akamai, it should be fine? Nothing suspicious?

2022-07-24 06:23:02
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Actually I am seeing similar behavior causing traffic to fluctuate for Facebook from AKAMAI CDN to the international links .

This happened since a while , and apparently the issue is caused by the referral links of the photos and videos which are pointing directly to

below is the referral link:

2022-07-25 19:51:29

As per my knowledge Facebook doesn't use any other CDN apart from Akamai. Browser attempt should be something like this:, So I don't think it is fine. It might be suspicious. Sometime its good to block third party cookies.

2022-07-25 08:21:51

A google search need to show that scontent.fper1 - 1. type URLS are related to Facebook images""

You can additionally examine the cert details in your internet browser Cert

There are fairly greater than a couple of variants under In the end there isn't a means to claim without a doubt without strength detailing the IPs for Facebook to contrast, yet as a whole most otherwise all subdomains under need to be secure. Facebook possibly simply transmitted you to the most effective web server for your problems then in time.

If you assume or else you can constantly send a record to

2022-07-25 08:21:44