CDN for confirmed websites

We have a website that calls for customers to authorize right into. Regular things. Today, all the web content (vibrant and also fixed) lags the login procedure, and also you can not access any one of the web pages or documents using a URL unless you are visited. This also looks for photos, css, js, and so on. This is a requirment, the web content can not be open to the globe.

We have actually been considering relocating the fixed web content off to a different web server for performance and also scalability factors, yet are unclear just how to do this, and also still have these documents safe and secure and also closed to the globe. Primarily, the authentication would certainly require to be passed to the different web server (or CDN) and also validated prior to we can offer it up.

Probably this is not feasible, and also it is not an excellent instance for dividing fixed and also vibrant web content.

We are running a Microsoft Stack - ASP.NET, IIS 6, yet can go IIS 7-7.5.

2019-05-04 15:21:52
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As a person recommended a CDN with a token system need to permit you to create symbols for users, yet this will likely wind up in lowering the performance to that of supplying your documents from the very same server or even worse.

2019-05-08 02:16:51

Some fast Googling offered me this :

Looks like, at the very least with SoftLayer, you can set a token on the customer's equipment that allows them confirm with the CDN, hence permitting accessibility to the web content. I'm certain this capacity differs based upon CDN.

2019-05-08 00:16:54