Busted DS card?

I was playing Mario Kart DS in a bus incurable eventually given that I got on a lengthy stopover, and also as I was filling a new map, it blanked out on me for numerous mins. Overwhelmed, I transformed my DS off after that on, and also upon transforming it back on, the DS offers me the message "No DS card located".

It's not the DS, as my duplicate of SoulSilver functions simply great. I attempted a couple of solutions, yet fruitless. I've tried blowing it out, swabbing it ... One various other solution I located recommended that the pins could not be touching, and also to place a tiny item of organisation card behind the DS card so it fits extra well. That really did not function.

I do not recognize why the card would instantly block similar to this. I had not been walking around, the DS was being kept in the air, absolutely nothing struck it or knocked senseless of area, it merely burst out of arbitrary.

Has any person find this trouble? Exists a solution or another thing I can attempt?

2019-05-04 15:50:14
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Answers: 1

If it's a new cartridge, it could be under service warranty from Nintendo.

2019-05-08 00:46:21