Best way to install multiple versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL on a single FreeBSD host

I desire an examination - and also growth - setting for internet making use of Apache, PHP and also MySQL. I require to be able to examine a solitary internet - application with numerous variations of PHP (5.2, 5.3, etc) and also numerous variations of MySQL (5.0, 5.1, 5.5, etc). It will be organized on a FreeBSD web server.

My suggestion is to compile each variation right into a directory site framework and also running them on different portnumbers. For example:

(httpd on port 8801, mysql on port 8802)
(directory contains each software, compiled and linked towards eachother)

(httpd on port 8803, mysql on port 8804)
(and so on)

Any ideas or pointers of the most effective means to arrangement this sort of setting?

UPDATE (history details): The setting would certainly be for education and learning. I have x00 pupils that create webapplications and also they have a directory site where they store all their code (HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL etc). I would love to provide a very easy means to examine their applications on numerous variations of PHP and also MySQL. There is no demand, at this phase, to have various variations of the Apache httpd - web server.

UPDATE (can not make use of Ports for mounting):. I can not make use of ports for maintaining the software program upgraded. I could require to install a really details variation of, as an example MySQL, to execute some thorough screening utilizing this certain variation. It feels like assembling from resource would certainly be the only choice.

2022-07-25 16:42:33
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This need to function, although some persistance will certainly be essential to set it up.

While it could be feasible via different config documents, I advise having a full instance of the entire pile for each and every screening setup, due to the fact that it will certainly best reproduce the real life scenario you are attempting to examination.

You might intend to arrangement the proxy/rewrite engine to take care of the website traffic. You might additionally intend to arrangement "", i.e have a solitary IP for each and every wanted arrangement. Or you could intend to do both.

2022-07-25 19:36:37

Use FreeBSD prisons. It resembles running numerous circumstances of FreeBSD on a solitary FreeBSD installment.

Review FreeBSD prisons in the FreeBSD handbook:

2022-07-25 18:15:05