Cannot write DVDs anymore, but can read them and write CDs

I'm stumped. I used to be able to write to DVDs and now I can't. I've tried different media (Memorex and Imations) I've tried different drives (internal and external) and even different OS's (Windows 7 and Linux Mint). Nothing I've done will work and it's a real problem not being able to burn DVD's.

I'm on an Acer 6930 if that helps.

Does anyone have any ideas?

2022-07-25 17:09:48
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I had the very same trouble with my desktop computer PC a couple of months earlier. I inquired about the trouble on SuperUser yet no person can locate what the trouble was. Most likely, it was something pertaining to SATA information networks or motherboard. I wound up marketing that PC and also acquiring a new one rather.

2022-07-25 19:51:35

Seems like the lens in charge of creating has actually conked off. Attempt writing on an additional (or a close friend is) system. If it does not function, attempt obtaining a close friend is DVD author and also connect it to your system and also attempt creating. If this functions its virtually secure to claim that the author has past its prime and also time to get a new one.

2022-07-25 19:09:09