What passives abilities does Doom disable?

It is claimed in that "Unlike various other silences, Doom protects against the target from making use of things and also disables some easy abilities."

I recognize it disables banquet from lifestealer nonetheless I have no suggestion what else does Doom silence.

What is the checklist (as extensive as feasible) of passive capacities silenced by Doom whether it originates from an ability or a thing.

2022-07-25 17:27:16
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According to the important disabled passives to know are the following:

  • Critical Strike
  • Evasion
  • Non-aura based lifesteal (such as feast from Lifestealer)
  • Bash (not Spirit Breakers greater bash)

A full list of skills and items that are disabled is available on the , this is not an official list however and future patches may change it.

2022-07-25 19:51:40

Let is speak about particular details capacities and also their communication with Doom.

Ruin made use of to be gotten rid of by sea serpent covering and also dark deal, yet that has actually transformed currently. Sea Serpent Shell and also Dark deal will certainly not remove Doom.

Skeletal system King is reincarnation along with Aegis will certainly not be negated by Doom.

You can Doom via BKB, or any kind of sort of Magic resistance for that issue, nonetheless you do not take the dmg from Doom throughout of the BKB. If you use Omniknight is drive away after Doom, it negates the damages considered the period of the drive away.

Ruin does not disable Abaddon is best obtained time.

If Kunkka is Tidebringer prepares to dash, after that Kunkka obtains doomed, he still has that Tidebringer. After he utilizes it, Tiderbringer will certainly cooldown, yet be silenced till Doom diminishes.

Axe still rotates with counter helix while doomed.

Templar Assassin is psyblades still function while doomed.

Invoker still preserves his gains where ever before orb he has out. ie wex for ms.

Pudge and also Silencer can still obtain str and also int specifically while doomed.

Any kind of doomed target will certainly not take damages when gotten rid of from either Disruption or Astral Imprisonment.

(These are things I can bear in mind off the top of my head. I could have missed out on some. Ruin disables virtually every various other passive.)

2022-07-25 19:49:44