403 or 301 domain pointing to our domain?

We lately uncovered that a huge, openly traded firm acquired a domain name that they have indicating our domain name. Both the firm and also the domain name are entirely unconnected to our sort of internet site. Their domain name is currently showing up over us in internet search engine for our major search phrase. Their listing in Google resembles our listing (our title, summary, etc) and also originally what was taking place is that a person would certainly click that link and also browse our website, despite the fact that it was their domain name in the internet browser window.

We are currently making use of a 301 redirect. Is that all right or will that injured us somehow?

We attempting to identify if that is the ideal activity to take, specifically given that we are unclear what they are trying to complete. Are they attempting to swipe our seo in some way, or are they possibly attempting to harm our seo online reputation, or are they attempting to swipe login details?

In trying to study what is taking place and also what to do concerning it, I found where making use of a 403 was recommended, yet the inquiry concerning protection or inspiration of the various other event was never ever addressed. Why make use of a 403 in contrast to a 301? What is taking place below?

2022-07-25 20:39:10
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