Bitbucket and a small development house

I remain in the procedure of ultimately rolling Mercurial as our version control system at the workplace. This is a massive bargain for every person as, amazingly, they have actually never ever made use of a VCS. After months of placing the bug in monitoring is ears, they ultimately saw the light and also currently become aware just how much far better it is than collaborating with a network of common folders!

In the procedure of rolling this out, I am thinking about various approaches to handle our things and also I am leaning in the direction of making use of Bitbucket as our "central" database. The tasks in Bitbucket will only be exclusive tasks and also every person will certainly push and also draw from there.

I am open to various pointers, yet has any person obtained a comparable arrangement? If so, what cautions have you run into?

2022-07-25 20:39:21
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I am not a BitBucket customer, yet I would certainly recommend reviewing their conditions with a great tooth comb. You require to be actually certain concerning their regards to solution, information defense and also security/privacy if you are mosting likely to be saving your firms exclusive tasks on there.

I think you've checked into having a Mecurial 'central/master' organized on an inner equipment?

2022-07-25 22:11:47

I've made use of BitBucket awhile and also I've located it is a respectable solution. I do not assume there will certainly be any kind of concerns with personal privacy or protection.

That being claimed, if you really feel awkward organizing your firm is code on a person else is web servers, you can set up a mercurial database to be accessed over ssh on among your firm is web servers. See and also .

2022-07-25 22:11:21

We did something similar with ProjectLocker at my old job. Honestly, it comes down to a cost/benefit analysis - are you willing to give up the flexibility and costs of running your own Hq/Git/SVN server for the price you will be paying to BitBucket? If yes, then go for it. We never really had an uptime issue, and it was a good experience.

2022-07-25 22:10:27

We are not BitBucket users (as a company). We run several legacy systems inhouse (CVS, SVN) and our main repository is a git system with sync'ed caches in outlying offices. From a manager's perspective I would advise against putting your company's intellectual property on somebody else's servers, unless you don't have adequate IT facilities in-house. This code is your company's lifeblood. This should not be about money, but about protecting your IP.

2022-07-25 22:10:22

Bitbucket benefits open resource task.

If this task will certainly be exclusive, I would certainly recommend organizing your very own code. It is not that pricey to organize it on your own, if you currently have an IT arrangement. Simply locate a reasonable web server and also release your code.

mercurial is very easy to set up.

all the best and also appreciate.

Mercurial is actually wonderful. Miss it: (

2022-07-25 22:08:58

I'd say it definitely comes down to a cost analysis of which is cheaper; running your own server (or a VM instance) or sticking it elsewhere.

Also, if the company already has network shared folders set up, you might want to consider using Git, because you could turn that network shared folder into your 'remote' repository, with something like git init --bare, and the network share permissions would already be in place for the users. Then each user could just add the shared folder as a remote with git remote add origin file:///some/shared/folder (that might not be the exact syntax for a file referenced share, I'd google it for the exact syntax).

I do basically this at home to manage my personal projects; I have a NAS drive on my home lan that has my 'remote' repos on it, then I can get to them from my various PCs and laptops across a Windows mapped drive letter.

2022-07-25 22:08:36

I sign up with the various other designers on this set: Think tough concerning distributing your code .

For me it would just be an alternative to contract out the VCS if you actually do not have the workforce and/or expertise to organize your very own database (mean: consisting of back-ups and also upkeep). If you currently have actually shared network folders with normal back-ups, you can start utilizing them and also get the back-up without added price.

2022-07-25 22:08:31

I make use of Bitbucket for exclusive repository organizing and also among my customers makes use of exclusive repository organizing on GitHub. An additional firm I collaborate with usages exclusive repository organizing of subversion on Jira is web servers.

Offsite storage of your information, if it is not the only area you have it, can lower your threat when it involves calamity recuperation. Given that you will certainly have physical duplicates of the resource on dev equipments, and also git and also mercurial both maintain the whole growth history in the neighborhood duplicates, this is currently a really sensible remedy. Unless you have gigabytes of information in a solitary task, and also a slow-moving network link, I very advise this alternative. It is affordable, offers programmers a great deal of transportability and also adaptability, and also it offers you automated redundancy.

Relying on your degree of fear, you might be worried that having a 3rd party saving your code might reveal security threats, yet I assume that in technique this is no even worse than having programmers with laptop computers that can be made use of off your company network. Github and also Bitbucket both make use of SSH to move information, so male - in - the - center strikes have reasonably reduced - chance of event.

2022-07-25 22:08:25

Well for a firm I would certainly favor see to it that the reliable repo of the task get on an exclusive web server, also if you have a constantly - up - to - day duplicate on bitbucket, simply to ensure.

I would certainly recommand mounting on an exclusive neighborhood web server equipment (for fast accessibility), after that have a manuscript upgrade bitbucket consistently, if you desire. Maintain numerous duplicates at various areas anyhow, you never ever recognize.

2022-07-25 22:07:59