Pipe to multiple files in the shell

I have an application which will certainly generate a huge quantity of information which I do not desire to store onto the disk. The application primarily outputs information which I do not desire to make use of, yet a set of valuable details that have to be divided right into different files. As an example, offered the adhering to output:

A 1
B 5
C 1

I can run the application 3 times like so:

./app | grep A > A.out
./app | grep B > B.out
./app | grep C > C.out

This would certainly get me what I desire, yet it would certainly take also long. I additionally do not intend to unload all the results to a file and also parse via that.

Exists any kind of means to incorporate the 3 procedures revealed over as if I just require to run the application as soon as and also still get 3 different result files?

2022-07-25 20:39:47
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