How to eliminate overscan on Ubuntu HTPC

I'm using an Ubuntu box with Nvidia graphics card as an HTPC. My HDTV is a Sony Bravia KDS-R50XBR1; this is a rear-projection unit with many inputs. I am using the HDMI input. I'm using the proprietary Nvidia drivers and they recognize the 1080x1920 resolution just fine.

The display is a little fuzzy but at 50 inches it's perfect for movies. My problem is that the TV has three overscan settings, and none of them reduces overscan to zero. When I was using dual-screen this was fine, but I'm moving to where the TV is my only screen, and the Gnome panels are not visible because of the overscan.

EDIT: The menu in question is Settings::Screen::Display Area and the options are Normal, -1, and -2. The Normal setting has significant overscan, and the -1 and -2 settings make the overscan even worse.

I'd like to figure out how to eliminate the overscan, without trying to scale my 1080p content down to 920p or something ridiculous like that. Ideally there would be some scurvy trick, perhaps involving the TV service menu, to get rid of the overscan on the TV side. Or I could move the Gnome panels, but I still would be missing the edges of my movies. Suggestions most welcome.

2022-07-25 20:39:47
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