Why does Windows 7 always automatically change the input or keyboard language?

I am wondering why Windows 7 always automatically changes my input or keyboard language.

I've a notebook with an integrated QWERTY keyboard English (United States). Traveling, I use that one but, additionally, I've my own as well as a much better keyboard at home which is a QWERTZ keyboard German (Germany). Thus, being at home, I'd like to use my QWERTZ keyboard.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not play along at this one. Every time, I start up my notebook, it is usually set to English (United States) but that's not the problem. In case, I'd use my notebook QWERTY keyboard English (United States), that's fine. However, if I start up my notebook and I'd like to use my QWERTZ keyboard German (Germany), I usually press ALT + Left Shift in order to switch from English (United States) to German (Germany) and Windows 7 switches the input language but only for the program that is currently open. If my input language is set to German (Germany) and I, e.g., open NotePad, Windows 7 automatically switches my input language to English (United States). This is very annoying since I've to change the input or keyboard language to German (Germany) every time I open up a new program.

Why doesn't Windows 7 stay with one input language if I changed it manually by pressing ALT + Left Shift? Why doesn't the manual change of the input or keyboard language apply for the whole Windows 7? Why does it only affect the currently opened program?

Since I've two keyboards with two different layouts, I seriously need to have both of the keyboards languages installed.

I tried both of the below settings in order to find a solution for my problem. Currently, I am using the first option, two input languages.

First option: two input languages:

Second option: two keyboard languages:

2022-07-25 20:39:51
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