SFTP, SCP, Secure Webdav: which is the most suitable?

presently, I am organizing a webdav share arrangement in order to store files I require anywhere I am. It is readily available using HTTPS.

Points are that I do not require all the HTTP equipment - i.e. my nginx http web server is just there for this webdav folder.

I am not exactly sure I made the most effective selection. My needs on the customer side are:

  • safeguarded transfers
  • mountable as a network drive at collaborate with 'close to realtime sync'
  • useful for any kind of OS I can make use of (including my mobile (android))

At first, I picked webdav given that it would certainly travel through my job proxy (which rejects all that is out HTTP/S (port 80 or 443) ).

Today, I am not pleased with the arrangement and also also if nginx memory impact is rather tiny, its webdav assistance is not actually "clean" and also complete.

What would certainly you advise in between SFTP, SCP and also the existing webdav remedy? I assume SFTP is the closest remedy yet I still need to figure out just how to travel through my proxy ;) SCP appears fairly minimal as I review it (just documents transfers if I read right).


2022-07-25 20:39:51
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