Gentoo Linux -> Ubuntu: Can I Preserve My LVM/RAID Devices, Or Do I Need To Reformat?

I've obtained a Gentoo box that I'm interested in changing over to an Ubuntu box.

I presently have actually the dividings outlined making use of a combination of RAID (mdadm) and also LVM2, as defined in this record [1].

Preferably I would certainly such as to simply eliminate the non/ residence dividing, as it is obtained information I would certainly such as to maintain.

Is it feasible to recycle the existing arrangement, or do I require to reactivate? vgdisplay, vgchange - a y, etc do not generate any kind of arise from the Ubuntu LiveCD, and also I'm skeptical to run any kind of commands that could clean my information.

Your aid would certainly be valued.


2022-07-25 20:40:13
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