Port Forwarding: Why do my local sites on 80 work but not those on 8080?

I arrangement my router to onward port 80 to the computer organizing my internet site. Therefore, I have the ability to accessibility this link (Don't trouble clicking it, it is simply an instance):

When i click this link while working on the internet cut, it functions:

I additionally onward port 8080 to the very same internet server box

But when I attempt to accessibility this link I get the eror "Page Can not be presented: "

I fwded port 8080 similarly I fwded port 80. I additionally switched off Windows Firewall, in instance it was obstructing port 8080.

Any kind of concepts why port 80 jobs yet 8080 does not?

The adhering to programs my router config on that particular I am fwding website traffic on both port 80 and also 8080.

And I assume my fiewall is entirely impaired:

2022-07-25 20:40:24
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