What is the *correct* term for a program that makes use of multiple hardware processor cores?

I intend to claim that my program can splitting some job throughout numerous CPU cores on a solitary system. What is the straightforward term for this? It is not multi - threaded, since that does not instantly indicate that the strings run in parallel. It is not multi - procedure, due to the fact that multiprocessing appears to be a building of a computer system, not a program. "capable of identical operation" appears also verbose, and also with all the complication of terminology, I'm not also certain if it is exact.

So exists a straightforward term for this?

Edit: The parallelization structure made use of by my program applies parallelism by forking numerous procedures and also connecting in between them.

Modify 2: I located the adhering to in Wikipedia is write-up on : "Concurrent shows is generally taken into consideration to be extra basic than identical shows " Based on this, both "concurrent" and also "parallel" fit summaries of my program, with "parallel" being the extra specific one.

Nonetheless, I understand that Wikipedia, like any kind of encyclopedia, is ideal for obtaining a review of a topic, yet might not be the most effective resource for settling such nuances. So I would certainly value it if a person can point out an extra reliable resource showing the distinction in between these 2, or whether there actually is a distinction.

2022-07-25 20:40:27
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