Screenshot tool Linux Mint

In Linux Mint (15) you have a screenshot tool, 'described'

You read

More difficult way

But sometimes - mostly in games - this shortcut doesn't work. What to do then? >You can use Take Screenshot application to make a screenshot after a delay.

To start Take Screenshot application: Mint Menu -> All applications -> >Accessories -> Take Screenshot.

Next select Grab the current window, disable Include pointer option, disable >Include window border, and choose Effect: None.

Now it's time to choose the delay. I usually choose 10-15 seconds. Why? Because >it's the time period in which you have to launch the application (mostly game) and start playing.

After you've chosen the delay click the Take Screenshot button, and then >quickly launch the game, start playing, and wait until Save Screenshot window appears.

What is the name of this program, (and not Screenshot but a name so I can actually google it)?

I want to know it because I'm searching for an alternate on windows, not really necessarily but if anyone knows one, that answers my question too (which at least has the Select area to grab function).

2022-07-25 20:40:38
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