Do some interpreted languages only load the scripts once?

The advantage of an assembled application was that all the collections and also courses are filled one-time and also rest awaiting input right?

I originate from a history collaborating with PHP and also the resources/classes that made use of are filled each web page demand which places a negative load on the web server memory. As an example, offered the PHP core makes use of 1MB of memory, and also a wordpress lots an additional 7MB of things - you wind up with 8MB being filled every demand .

I thought this coincided procedure for various other scripting languages like Python and also Ruby additionally.

Nonetheless, I have begun considering node.js (due to the fact that JavaScript is so attractive) and also it appears that it is filled as soon as (and also whatever memory required is just taken as soon as) and afterwards kicks back awaiting demands sharing the courses it has filled amongst any kind of new strings (is that the appropriate term?) so they do not need to re - load them.

So PHP would certainly take 8MB process * 10 requests = 80MB for 10 simultaneous demands to wordpress. This seems like node.js would certainly take 8MB process + 10 requests = ~14MB.

Is this actually real? Exist any kind of various other scripting languages that do this?

2022-07-25 20:40:46
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