What are the strategies to become a good open source developer?

I constantly listen to that entailing with open source tasks benefits job and also the even more (excellent) open source you release, the closer you will certainly be to obtaining your desire work prior to you've also had a meeting.

I am specialist in Java and also I am attempting to come to be well-versed in Scala. I constantly think of obtaining associated with open source growth in Java/Scala yet the adhering to complications quiting me to do so.

How/where do I start in open source growth tasks in GitHub etc? Or How to locate active/busy open source growth tasks? Just how to locate a location where renovation is called for or improvement called for in such tasks? It looks also intricate in the first evaluation or its attractive tough to locate such possibilities. What are the usual approaches to adhere to if I intend to come to be hobbyist/free time open source programmer?

Individuals that have experience in open source growth please share your learnings/expertise from square one.

Many thanks beforehand.

2022-07-25 17:40:46
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