What is your smallish web development company setup?

I work for a small web development company (only 2 to 3 developers) that work on a wide range of projects for different customers (everything from CMS's to eCommerce sites).

Usually we work on our own projects but occasionally we need to work together on one. We use subversion as our source control software and sites are developed in .NET using VS 2008 and SQL 2005.

After reading through plenty of posts regarding unit testing and other "enterprise" level coding practices I was wondering what other developers do for small projects that only require minimal maintenance and have short development times?

I am thinking in particular of things like is unit testing necessary, etc.

2022-07-25 20:41:07
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I assume the largest blunder you can make is to disregard something for being an 'venture' degree coding criterion. Although things like CI, construct web servers, device - screening, coding criteria (I can not assume what else you might suggest) etc might take a first expenses they will certainly pay rewards in the future. As an example if your task is hacked with each other currently and also 3 years later on your consumer intends to add an attribute you will certainly rejoice that you have actually placed in the moment to get device examinations currently. (OK this might or might not take place yet if your consumer obtains a person to consider your remedy in the future and also they see severely hacked code they might not utilize you once more).

Bear in mind too the extra you do this things, the quicker it will certainly come to be.

2022-07-25 20:49:58

The point is: you rest better during the night if you recognize that at the very least the device trial run via all right prior to you released that things.

2022-07-25 20:49:00