Bash command to open a system's terminal

I'm making a Linux installer for Zero - K, an open source RTS video game (absolutely no - It will certainly make use of zenity for dialogs but also for that zenity have to be mounted. As a lot of individuals will certainly not currently have zenity it have to be mounted by the manuscript.

I would certainly not such as to install something on a customer is system without an incurable opening and also offering some responses. If there was no responses it might resemble absolutely nothing was taking place when it is in fact active mounting points. The trouble is that the manuscript would certainly need to open xfce4-terminal or gnome-terminal or an additional DE details terminal, suggesting that there will certainly need to be a various manuscript per DE.

Exists a command to open whatever terminal is made use of by the OS/DE that the manuscript is made use of on?

2022-07-25 20:41:11
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