What remains in a student's mind

I'm a first year college student of maths and also I have a vital inquiry. I such as researching mathematics and also when I participate in, a training course I attempt to research in the most effective means feasible, with various books and also in addition I attempt to recognize the principles as opposed to bother with the tests. Regardless of this, months after such an extreme research, I neglect necessarily most points that I have actually found out. As an example if I research algebraic geometry, commutative algebra or differential geometry, In my minds continue to be just the main points at the end. Viceversa when I manage arguments such as straight algebra, actual evaluation, abstract algebra or geography, so extra straightforward topics that I researched in the beginning or at the 2nd year I'm comfy. So my inquiry is: what should continue to be psychological of a pupil after a one term training course? What is to find out and also recognize several demostrations if after that one neglects them all?

I'm sorry for my inadequate english.

2022-07-25 20:41:33
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