How to revert to "last known good configuration"

I fell short to install ubuntu 10.04 with WUBI, for one reason or another it is revealing me the origin partion is not specified. I'm burnt out to eliminate with it so I simply got rid of ubuntu in windows.

Nonetheless this installment made my initial Windows XP cripple, a regular boot will certainly wind up with a blue screen, mistake code 7E, I'm still able too with the 'last well-known excellent arrangement' tho.

My understanding is starting similar to this will certainly recoup points and also I'm intended to be excellent when reboot, while this is not the instance for me, I need to pick the 'boot from last well-known excellent arrangement' every time to function around heaven screen.

Could you recommend just how could I settle this? I feel it is crazy needing to throw away 10 even more secs each time beginning the OS.

2022-07-25 20:41:36
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