Second display freaks out when waking from sleep

I have 2 laptop computers, an older white MacBook and also an all new Macbook Pro. When either computer system gets on my workdesk, I connect it to a 2nd, widescreen display screen (Acer, a pair years of ages, makes use of DVI). The Macbook attaches using mini DVI and also the MBP attaches using mini displayport.

When the Macbook is attached and also every little thing goes to rest, I'm able to wake the equipment and also both display screens in the regular means and also every little thing is great. Occasionally, when waking the MBP, the laptop computer and also key display screen are great, yet the 2nd display screen reveals a number of fixed. If I reactivate the display screen, every little thing is great. This possibly takes place 70% of the moment when the MBP goes to rest while attached to this display screen.

Any kind of suggestion what could be creating this?

2022-07-25 20:41:58
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