How you design Controller layer of MVC design pattern in .NET

Here are my ideas: The objective of making use of MVC is seperation of problems and also testability of gui reasoning. Sight needs to have the ability to collaborate with various versions and also version need to have the ability to collaborate with various sights.

I assume controller class have to implement a user interface for mocking/testing factors and also sight need to call controller approaches via this user interface. Yet if we do so, after that it comes to be hard to refine sight components (textboxes, grids etc) in controller. So these components have to be recognized by the controller in some way.

1. Do you reveal these gui components via the user interface? Specify controller courses as partial courses to make sure that controller can straight refine the gui components (what concerning the user interface after that)? What do you do to address this trouble?

2. Primarily, should controller implement greater than one user interface? One for sight and also an additional for version layer, to make view/model have the ability to collaborate with various models/views using controllers?

3. Version layer additionally should implement a user interface for mocking/testing?

Just how can we attain our testing, freely combining, SoC objectives best? Please share your experience/thoughts.

2022-07-25 20:42:02
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