.NET: What is the status of the Castle Project?

Clicking via to the download - web page if see that the last variation of the download is over one years of age and also it is additionally "just" a Release Candidate of variation 1.0. There are actually no information on any kind of growth.

Yes, you can locate more recent variations from the every night builds, yet that is not an actual significant alternative.

Additionally, the "getting - started" and also summary - web pages are occasionally not also begun and also some not finished.

What is the bargain? Any kind of C# 3.0 attributes heading or what?

2022-07-25 20:42:02
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First of all, the "Release candidates" are misnamed. "Milestones" might be better. All areas of Castle are still under continuous development, and as far as I know, most users use the trunk version (I do). And there are a number of very active developers working on it besides Hamilton.

There are two active Google Groups for it:

(for development of Castle)

(for users of Castle)

Any C# 3.0 features on the way or what?

It's completely compatible with .Net 3.5 right now. There is currently a poll on the development newsgroup about dropping VS2005 (i.e. C#2) support and going fully C#3. (I believe it's about 20:1 in favor) Some portions of the CastleContrib already are using C#3 features.

2022-07-25 20:50:31