How can I find the default (font) resource XTerm is using?

If I release xterm with its default bitmap fonts and afterwards select the 'Large' typeface from the 'VT Fonts' food selection (using ctrl+right mouse), I get a really useful bitmap typeface with evidently excellent Japanese personality assistance.

I would certainly such as to recognize what this typeface is to make sure that I can utilize it in other places. However, I've located no details on what default setups XTerm makes use of (i.e. when none are clearly defined). Great deals of websites demonstrate how to make use of X resources to define new setups (as an example certain fonts), yet none I've seen claim what defaults are made use of if I not do anything.

I've attempted eyeballing the typeface, and also it looks comparable to and also coincides size as 9x15, yet it makes use of extra upright room. It shows up not to be 9x15 with various line spacing, however, as defining this typeface straight falls short to present some Japanese personalities that 'Large' can take care of simply great.

Although I'll enjoy to recognize what this details typeface is, I actually need to know where to locate what defaults XTerm makes use of for its sources extra usually. If it makes any kind of distinction, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 64 - little bit.

[I have actually seen on the subject currently, which is why I'm especially inquiring about defaults as opposed to attempting to get real-time values from a running XTerm.]

2022-07-25 20:42:13
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