Windows - Website unaccessible only on windows pcs in LAN

For serveral days now, a website isn't accessible on a single pc in the LAN. On the other pc's, it works just fine. And it's just a single website that's not accessible as far as I know of.

The website generates a timeout on every single web browser I've tried (IE8, Firefox and Chrome). However, traceroute, nmap and telnet all work just fine. I've even tried multiple user accounts and safe mode, but that didn't work either. As a side note: using a linux live cd did work and I could access the website without any problems.

The hosts file is the windows default, the ip- and dns settings on the network adapter normal as well. No strange processes are running and no viruses found.

According to tcpview and netstat there are connections to the domain, but every request in the browser results in a timeout.. Any idea what's happening?

Update: All of the computers on the network running Windows (any version) are showing this problem now. The website is still working under linux and mac osx. So, it has to be related to some kind of windows update (although I haven't installed any on one computer in the past week, which I've set to do manual updates only)..

2022-07-25 20:42:16
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