Viewing a part of the screen in a window on Linux

I intend to make a discussion with a real-time trial utilizing my vast screen Ubuntu 12.10 Laptop and also a projector. My strategy is to connect the projector as a 2nd (tiny) display screen and also place my slides and also live - trial there. It would certainly be hassle-free, if I can see the projector display screen on my laptop computer LCD screen within a window (no zoom or stretch required). So my inquiry is:

How can I see picked component of a screen within a window?

PS Other opportunities are

  • keying on laptop computer and also viewing on the projector screen and also not at the target market
  • Cloning laptop computer display screen to the projector display screen: zooming/stretching vast screen to a tiny projector screen as well as additionally being incapable to place some exclusive (like timer) details on the laptop computer screen
2022-07-25 20:42:24
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jofel's answer is very good. Just some other alternatives if you have another monitor and the hardware available:

  • If your projector has a video passthrough (my Sharp PG-F212X-L has a VGA and DVI output) and you have the cabling for it you can hook up a third monitor on your desk.
  • If you have a splitter for whatever video cabling you are using you can split one to the projector and one to a third monitor.
  • You could set up VNC or something similar and if you own, say, an iPad (or an iPhone or an Android), use a VNC client to keep tabs on the second desktop area (you could even run a VNC client connected to localhost to show the second display in the client window on the first and interact with it without requiring another display device).

I know those aren't the cleanest solutions, and they all require extra setup and desk space (aside from the local VNC option), but just wanted to throw them out there as something else to think about.

2022-07-25 22:31:02

You can attain this making use of the xrandr expansion. Read and/or for additional information.

See to it that the digital desktop computer is not more than your laptop computer screen. With the --pos alternative of xrandr you can after that mirror components of your screen to the projector, as an example for a 1600x900 laptop computer screen and also a 1024x768 projector at placement 100,100 :

xrandr --fb 1600x900 --output VGA --mode 1024x768 --pos 100x100

For a twin - head discussion, you can additionally make use of the adhering to devices (relying on the layout of the discussion you makes use of) :

  • LibreOffice Impress (probably additionally OpenOffice Impress)

2022-07-25 20:56:18