Train search engines to learn domain names that are not spelt correctly

I'm in the procedure of constructing an internet application called Vybecast. I brought (and also numerous other vybecast.tld's) a while back. Ever since I've taken care of to safeguard and also acquire (as well as additionally numerous other vibecast.tld's).

After assuming lengthy and also tough concerning it, I've determined to stick to I additionally have twitter @vybecast and also - Personally, I such as the playfulness of the 'y'.

The best purpose is: a regular URL could resemble If a person inaccurately key ins I'll function some.htaccess magic to instantly onward to the first URL with no dramatization.

While I'm still constructing my application I intend to educate search engines that if a person keyed in 'vibecast', did they suggest 'vybecast'. I recognize this inevitably a difficult job as I angle adjustment search algorithms. Nonetheless, in addition to indicating a straightforward holding web page, exists anything I can do with my various other domian names to aid search engines find out while I am still constructing the application and also not bothered with what website traffic mosts likely to at this phase?

Presently, I have the deluxe of adjusting my domain till I'm virtually all set to release.

Exists anything I can do currently, such as a miniature pages/site clarifying the vybecast/vibecast link prior to I need to properly aim all my domain to the very same server/IP.

2022-07-25 20:42:31
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