Downloads speed starts ok but after a few seconds they go down to 10kbps?

Since yesterday any file I try to download from any host start downloading ok (at >1mbps) but after a few seconds the speed start to decrease down to 10kbps.

I use a mobile modem (huawei) and I connect to a wcdma network.

What could be happening? I use kaspersky, and I checked the Network Monitor and I don't see any weird process using bandwidth.

I did a test on and I got 1mbps of download but that speed doesn't hold more than 1 sec when downloading files.

What other tests can I run? Recommend me some app to monitor the traffic to see if I have some malware or see where my bandwidth goes.

I use chrome, firefox and flashget to download, all show the same problem.

2022-07-25 20:42:31
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