Programming: find the total possible combinations of three variables?

I have three variables in a programming function, and a 4th variable depends on these. I have to test the dependent variable against all combinations of the three variables:

  • Var A: 2 possible values
  • Var B: 3 possible values
  • Var C: 5 possible values

The order of the three variables is not important. How can I find the number of possible combinations of these three variables, so that I know how many tests would need to be written?

Note: I have asked a regarding this:

Now I know that there are 30 combinations of these three variables (2x3x5), but how do I draw this in table form?

If each variable was binary, I could draw a truth table: 000, 001, 010 etc. But is there an equivalent system for the combination I have detailed here?



2022-07-25 20:42:53
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