SEO safe way to run beta of new site on seperate domain

I run an internet site that supplies a solution that obtains over 1 million web page sights a day and also I have actually entirely restored the entire manuscript from scratch.

Prior to changing from my existing manuscript to my new one i intended to run a public beta of the new manuscript on a various domain name. As an example my major website is and also my examination website is This is largely to locate and also resolve any kind of significant concerns prior to making use of the new manuscript on the major website.

My inquiry is what is the SEO most safe means to do this to make certain that my examination website does not damage my major websites SEO as the web content would certainly be virtually the same.

It is my recognize that if i simply set my robots.txt documents to refute all crawlers to my examination website along with see to it to have an approved link in the head of the examination website i need to be secure. Am i proper in this presumption or could this damage my major websites SEO?

2022-07-25 20:43:11
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