Grand Theft Auto 5 - Los Santos Civilian Population?

Are there any kind of trusted resources which record what the populace of Los Santos remains in Grand Theft Auto 5?

I realize that the majority of private citizens will likely respawn in other places in the city - or else, theoretically, a gamer of GTA5 can eliminate the whole city (although it will absolutely spend some time to do!).

I bet a hr the other day night - as I'm certain that or 2 others around the world might have additionally done - and also it occurred to me that I have not read neither listened to anything concerning the populace of Los Santos.

If any person can aid I would certainly enjoy to discover this.

For quality, please note that by "population" I suggest the variety of people staying in Los Santos, no matter their career, colour or creed.

Several many thanks.

2022-07-25 20:43:15
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Well my English is not wonderful yet I will certainly attempt ; there are 9.800.000 individuals staying in L.A. area with a rather comparable location. It covers 4.083 square miles. GTA V covers 49 square miles. If you separate 9.800.000 by 4.083 you get 2400 (a little extra). 49 times 2400 = 117.600. Yet offcourse this is simply a price quote.

I've made an actual range contrast of both. Los Angeles and also Los Santos in one map.

2022-07-25 22:11:09

While I cant find any official sources I'm going to take a stab at it.

The short answer is that there is no answer.

Here is how it works; you drive into a street and the game decides there should be pedestrians there. It spawns ten people with randomized clothes. You drive past them all and when gone far enough the game simply deletes them again. This is because of the limited memory, simulating every citizen all the time is currently not possible.

So there isn't a fixed "pool" of people, each one individually created by a designer. You can't make person #1003 be named Joe, wear black jeans that live here and drives that car. Or, I suppose you could but these need to be stored somewhere (hard drive or disc) space that the game already pushes to the limit. And for what gain? You simple drive past (or murder) the vast majority of them anyway.

The exceptions are of course the scripted events and missions, which contain specific characters that act in a specific way according to the story.

Now what we can do is extrapolate. Knowing the type of houses in a neighbourhood, the average amount of people living in those houses and the size of the neighbourhood we can calculate a plausible number of citizens (fun challenge, anyone up for some math?).

So in short, any number you would get wouldn't mean anything. The game is made to quickly populate any area with randomized citizens. Only the part of town in close proximity to the character you play actually exists.

2022-07-25 21:04:35