How to calculate the coordinates of a line which is parallel with another where they intersect with a horizontal?

I have 2 identical lines and also I recognize the works with for among them where it interesects with a straight line on the leading and also a straight line under and also the range in between them.

What I am attempting to fathom is just how to exercise the works with where the 2nd parallel line converges with claimed straight lines.

Below is an image of what I am whittering on concerning (I intend to exercise the works with classified H and also I circled around in blue. All the various other collaborates I recognize are lettered A to G and also I show some example values for the works with and also the range in between both lines) :

I figured I can take the regular vector and also usage that to exercise 2 works with on the (red) identical line yet that would certainly not be where they converge with the environment-friendly (straight) lines. Is that an excellent area to start?

I've been attracting triangulars like insane yet I repent to claim I do not assume I recognize sufficient mathematics for this. Is it feasible? Do I require an additional dimension probably?

2022-07-25 20:43:30
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