Are stock market events in GTAV scripted?

In Grand Theft Auto V, you can deal shares on the Stock Market using the in - video game internet internet browser. I have some inquiries concerning this.

  • Is the fluctuate of any one of the supplies linked to the video game is story? (if so, which/when?)
  • Exists anything that the personalities can do in the video game that affects the rate of supply? (what?)

(I become aware that asking numerous inquiries in one blog post is inhibited, yet I assume these relate adequate to be a solitary inquiry. Please allow me recognize if you differ and also I'll upload them independently.)

2022-07-25 20:43:33
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There are basically two stock markets

  1. Liberty City National Exchange

The first one is controlled by the game and it floats depending on internal game mechanics like missions. For example,

during some missions you have to kill a key person of a company. If, before doing that, you invest in the opposing company you will earn quite some money because after the mission the price of your stocks will sky rocket

The BAWSAQ is affected by how other players are playing GTA V online. It should fetches data from the Rockstar Social Club. :

BAWSAQ shares are influenced by the general Grand Theft Auto V community so as players purchase more weapons and armor, or add new mods, shares in Ammu-Nation and Customs increase.

For more information about markets mechanics in GTA have a look at this

2022-07-25 21:00:08